Getting to root causes

This work focuses on solving problems and actualising potential. This means getting to the root causes beyond symptoms and the core desires inherent in your challenges. I have selected and expertly use tools proven effective in helping thousands of leaders.

Guides and guidance

Guides developed by We Are Arising

We provide deep insights, clear directions, fitting advice, and useful referrals to help achieve your objectives. Our guides and guidance save you time and money as you enter new territory.

Uncover deep drivers

PRINT by the Paul Hertz Group.

What has motivated you your entire adult life, and will continue to do so? We use uncannily accurate psychometric testing to reveal individual and team’s unconscious motivations. These drivers have profound implications for drive, identity, communication and mission.

Flex your action logic

Leadership Development Framework by Harthill

What are the dominant logics you use in action? How can you be aware of what's dominant, and develop flexibility to develop your  fundamental mode of reasoning and acting? Your cognitive flexibility can be transformed and transform your effectiveness, leadership and venture success.

Align people with purpose


Are your people positioned in the right roles to realise your venture's purpose? Do your systems, processes and meetings continuously strengthen your alignment? We go far beyond influencing  'culture' and instead encode new structures for relating that make both autonomy and accountability part of your venture's DNA.

Increase consciousness, clarity and creativity

Consciousness programs by Cheng Hsin

What is true? What's the nature of your venture? What are the fundamental dynamics driving the the markets and systems you operate within? Join fellow leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and creators in our ten-week programs and weekend workshops that empower consciousness.
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