“Andrew was a key member of the team with particular strengths in creative programme design and planning, coaching and facilitation. He has particular expertise in sustainable development and shows strong passion for the environmental and social causes his work is dedicated to.
Andrew’s methods are rigorous and result driven. His attitude is supportive and he manages expectations very well, allowing anyone who works with him to rest assured that his commitments will be met to the highest standards.” — 
Holger Westphely, formerly Eastside Consulting, now CAF Venturesome

Eastside Consulting

“Andrew developed an expert piece of work for Article 13 with an extremely dedicated and professional approach. The delivery ofthe project was innovative, creative and added value to theprogramme’s objectives. Andrew is warm and personable, and a pleasure to work with.” Neela Bettridge, formerly of Article13, now Neela Bettridge Ltd

Article 13

Andrew was on a design team developing training and organisational culture programmes for companies that want to reduce carbon emissions and energy use through behaviour change. He brought a real expertise in the area of climate change and organisational change and his commitment and drive ensured that the project was completed to a high degree of quality within a short timeframe.
James Shaw, formerly of Future Considerations, now Minister of Climate Change at New Zealand Government

Future Considerations

I had the pleasure of witnessing Andrew’s leadership during my participation in the Equal Invest Programme. Andrew is exceptionally knowledgeable about the conditions for creating and growing successful Social Enterprises, and also to impart this knowledge and thereby enable several enterprises to define and achieve their growth and impact objectives. I’ve also been deeply impressed with his work on sustainable business model innovation, and would recommend his advice to any business leader or entrepreneur wishing to go beyond just minimising negative impacts. Andrew can guide you in maximising the positive impacts your business has in the world.”
Thomas Krick, Head of Sustainability Services at Deloitte

Thomas Krick

By discussing concepts I understand in other contexts, use intuitively or on an ad hoc basis, in a precise way relevant to my current work, I saved a heap of time, worry and working out from first principles. I can now (possibly) just get on with it, with a view to larger partnerships, knowing they are, actually possible, even with the word ‘yoga’ in the title.
— Rachael West, Founder at Finding Yoga

Finding Yoga

“Thank you so much for the conversation, was very useful and total gratitude to you for making the time. Thank you also for the notes and diagrams – also excellent. The session helped me think through the stages of the workshop, just vocalising them and testing the logic is always useful for me, and I often don’t have a lot of chances to do that. I delivered the workshop yesterday and it went very well…”
Dr Hamish Morgan


“Andrew – again, thanks for doing such a fabulous job with the discussion – not only your facilitation of the actual process, but all the things you’d thought about and put in place beforehand – organising and briefing the chair, speaker, minute-taker, getting there early and loading the data projection etc –  I think your drawing and talking through the visual ‘map’ were excellent strategies. Well done for handling a difficult process and for strategically harnessing key assistance. And you worked beautifully with a group of people you’d not met (at least as a group) and a process you’d not been a part of before.”
Fiona Nichols

WA Centre for Rural Health

When forming any course of action we frequently forget  that humans have an natural resistance to change no matter how beneficial or logical it may seem. Andrew has a unique ability to reflect on the “human condition” ,  focus on the drivers that motivate people to act and linking both to solutions. I would recommend his services for any planning/engagement process to help maximise your outcomes.
— Mark Canny

City of Greater Geraldton

“It’s one thing to engage a consultant, but another to feel that they actually do care about the quality of their work and the service they provide. We were tremendously impressed with the work of Andrew Outhwaite and would recommend him highly, his efforts were a major driver behind the success of the project we worked on together. I congratulate him on the quality of his service, considered and educated advice that he provided us with and the passion on which he worked with us on our goal”
Sarah Andrews