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Program design and facilitation for education programs to grow better ventures e.g. networks, accelerators, tertiary institutions, corporates

Precedents include:

  • Programs that have been repeated and replicated (some internationally), including:
  • Facilitating more than 300 public or private workshops, including
    • Co-design, urban regeneration and land management in regional WA,
    • Award-winning deliberative processes for sustainable communities
    • Visioning, backcasting and innovation for corporates and governments.


Writing, presentations and content for publications that illuminate possibilities and enable shifts perceptions for multiple audiences e.g. magazines, websites and newspapers

Precedents include:

  • More than 100 presentations on innovation and sustainability including: Social Impact Festival, Innovator of the Year, SEGRA, CEDA and national conferences
  • More than 100 pieces authored for: WorldChanging, StartupWA, Meshpoints, Pollinators and Arising,


Mentoring and coaching for founders and originators creating new possibilities for whole communities, domains or humanity e.g. founders, social entrepreneurs and innovators

Precedents include:

  • Mentoring individual innovators creating new possibilities in health, technology, sustainability,  renewable energy, land management, and sports technology
  • Coaching sustainability champions in UK corporates, Western Australian local governments and international Masters programs,
  • Mentor at Startup Weekend, GovHack, Curtin Accelerate etc.


Generating valuable original insights through inquiry and research to enable better investments e.g. governments, impact investors, philanthropic funders

Precedents include:

  • Providing advice to funders (government, philanthropic and private) and applicant ventures for social enterprise, social innovation, coastal conservation, regional innovation, renewable energy and technology,
  • Co-authoring and advising on implementation of regional and state level innovation strategies, action plans and ecosystem mapping,
  • Strategies for governments, tertiary education institutions and corporates relating to sustainability, NRM, water conservation, biodiversity and coastal management.

Andrew Outhwaite also plays a significant ongoing role in these related ventures:


Chairperson with StartupWA

Meshpoints Logo


Co-founder and facilitator with Meshpoints


Co-founder of Pollinators Inc