I work with three main audiences: Individuals, Networks and Institutions

The Individuals are typically local innovators exemplifying a new ethos or creating a whole new domain of value e.g. ideas that shift value proposition in a location or population.

Services to individuals include mentoring, coaching, strategy and investment.

The Networks are typically groups of early adopters and advocates, where incubating and supporting new ideas and ventures is the norm e.g. online communities and progressive networks.

Services to those networks include facilitation to clarify the ethos, positioning, principles and practices that operationalise the purpose.

Example projects include: Meshpoints and StartupWA

The  Institutions are typically: investors, educators and publications e.g. public funders and private investors, universities, accelerator programs, and publications that encourage ethical and social innovations.

Services to those institutions include research, writing, facilitation, and helping to grow communities, spaces or networks that support their aims and investments.

Example projects include: Office of the Government Chief Information Officer on a regional addendum to the state innovation strategy, Mid West Development Commision on an innovation strategy and implementation for the region.

Below is an example of the services and scope communicated to regional Institutions interested in our services

Screenshot 2018-02-05 14.38.53

Screenshot 2018-02-05 14.39.08