Innovations from Regional WA (Beta)

Andrew Outhwaite

Western Australia has great history of inventions, innovations and ventures growing from its regions. While fantastic, most of this history and stories are not widely known.

More than just 'nice' to know, understanding the history and type of innovations can be critical information for new or existing incubators, local ventures seeking mentors, media, investors, and government seeking champions, industry clusters or precedents for policy. We've had specific requests from these audiences for this information so...

We've started a 'beta' version of database that compiles and presents the most highly-awarded and regarded innovations from WA's regions in the last 5 years*.

You can view the database below. For most records we've included a brief description of the venture, highlights and links to their websites and social media. You can also:

  • expand the view to fullscreen
  • filter and sort e.g. only food innovations, or only focus on the Great Southern

The database is primarily focused on scaleable innovations based on unique IP and that have reach international markets e.g. products, services, technology, social innovations. We erred on the side of inclusion, meaning innovative value-added food products are also listed.

If you find this of value, you can contribute to the project by:

  • Adding ventures to the database using the webform
  • Providing feedback, encouragement or corrections
  • Offering suggestions or resources to improve future versions.

You can contact us via email.

Potential enhancements for future versions include:

  • Live, interactive mapping
  • Images and additional links for each innovation
  • Further details on their history and journey
  • Expanding the scope to different sectors and longer timeframes
  • Including new and emerging innovations

* Innovations were identified through searches of the following sources:

  • State Government (JTSI) Innovation Showcases https://www.innovation.wa.gov.au/search-results?contenttype=Showcases
  • State Government (JTSI) Innovator of the Year Finalists http://www.jtsi.wa.gov.au/what-we-do/science-and-innovation/new-industries-fund/innovation-awards-and-initiatives/wa-innovator-of-the-year
  • State Government Department of Agriculture Award Grant Recipients https://www.agric.wa.gov.au
  • Federal government (DIIS) Accelerating Commercialisation Grant Recipients http://www.jtsi.wa.gov.au/what-we-do/science-and-innovation/new-industries-fund/innovation-awards-and-initiatives/wa-innovator-of-the-year
  • WAIITA Incite Awards finalists https://inciteawards.org.au
  • WA Regional Achievement Awards https://awardsaustralia.com/regional-achievement-community-awards/wa/latest-news/
  • Regional Development Commission Websites http://www.drd.wa.gov.au/about/PORTFOLIO/Independent-Partners/Regional-Development-Commissions/Pages/default.aspx

You can instantly add YOUR suggestions to the database using the webform.

One comment on “Innovations from Regional WA (Beta)”

  1. This is fantastic Andrew, I’ll be sharing widely through my networks, and hopefully provide a good resource for those working with and for the ecosystem (and mean that others don’t need to try and duplicate this type of data collection).

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