Here are projects and ventures I’ve worked on

Designing the shift to low-carbon cultures in large organisations

Within the existing Carbon Considerations team were experienced leadership and sustainability practitioners. And, they needed some strategic advice on carbon, and expertise to creating a world-class behavioural change programme. This service was a ‘must-win’ battle for Future Considerations, and they needed a comprehensive, world-class programme developed quickly, to support sales efforts. My work was inRead more

Developing and Implementing a Strategy for Bioregional Sustainability

I was hired by NACC to develop and implement a strategy for sustainable use of the region’s natural resources, focusing on coastal, marine and riparian areas. The scope was the broadest possible and required partnership-building with communities, business, and three tiers of government. As part of a regional strategy team, I completed a desk-based andRead more

Rolling out a new business model for recycling and reuse

As part of my Master’s I completed a dissertation on Partnerships for Strategic Sustainable Development with two collaborators: Richard Blume and Miriam Karell. To ensure our learning was based on experience (action-learning) we partnered with Interface to do some quasi-consulting work in trying to extend their network of European ReEntry (carpet re-use and recycling) partnersRead more

Taking social enterprises to the next level through mentoring

The Equal-Invest programme was built on the principles of wanting to efficiently deliver enterprise support at the same time as draw in resources from private business and government. Through my role at Eastside, I took the lead on recruiting and matching voluntary mentors from the private sector, facilitating the training and action learning of mentorsRead more

Designing programs to grow social business to prevent homelessness

After successfully designing and managing Equal Invest, Eastside invited me in to helping design and manage a new programme of social enterprise development in the homelessness sector. Presented with a brief that emanated from the minds of some brilliant, but (at the time of conception) inebriated, social innovators I worked with the partners and theRead more

Growing innovative social and creative enterprises through coaching

After collaborating with LearningHouse on other projects, I was invited to design and deliver the Innovation Garden programme in collaboration with Dawn Fleming. I lead on specific sessions around project planning, connecting to the source of inspiration and creativity (Theory U), and coached three entrepreneurs through their leadership and business challenges. Over the course ofRead more

Fresh perspectives for sustainability leaders and social entrepreneurs

Having worked with individuals and groups on sustainability strategies, I was frequently surprised by my and their limited capacity for groups to systematically generate truly original and inspired ideas and visions. Knowing of several systematic ways to take different perspectives, such as Integral, ‘Ecological Selves‘ (Spiral Dynamics), Thinking Hats, and Team Roles, I wanted aRead more

Can social innovation competitions move beyond hype to deliver change?

Having seen a proliferation of Dragon’s Den-inspired social enterprise competitions, and being involved in designing and running two ourselves, Richard Litchfield (Director of Eastside)and I did some thinking, research and had some good dialogues. We wanted to get a sense of the logic behind the competitions, their relative effectiveness, and the various forms they take.Read more

Investigating the role of coaching in sustainability

With both coaching and sustainability on the rise and rise within organisations,  I worked with Neela Bettridge to research the role and relationship of coaching to sustainability. Through surveys, interviews and literature review we created ‘Sustainability Inside-Out’. This report identified the increasingly transformational, integrated approach being taken to sustainability challenges, and looked at how coachingRead more