Taking social enterprises to the next level through mentoring

The Equal-Invest programme was built on the principles of wanting to efficiently deliver enterprise support at the same time as draw in resources from private business and government. Through my role at Eastside, I took the lead on recruiting and matching voluntary mentors from the private sector, facilitating the training and action learning of mentors and enterprises, and designing the detail of the events for enterprises to pitch for investment.

Through the great enthusiasm of the mentors and inspired determination of the enterprise leaders the program was a success, with the thorough evaluation ensuring there was a demonstrated return on investment for the enterprises. Not everything went well, but both the successes and flaws were a great source of learning for developing further programs, such as Spark.

Equal-Invest was a programme which offered social enterprises access to investment and mentors to overcome the obstacles that limited their size and impact on the community. The website is worth checking out for its wealth of case studies, resources, and guides to pitching for money and resources!

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