Investigating the role of coaching in sustainability

With both coaching and sustainability on the rise and rise within organisations,  I worked with Neela Bettridge to research the role and relationship of coaching to sustainability. Through surveys, interviews and literature review we created ‘Sustainability Inside-Out’. This report identified the increasingly transformational, integrated approach being taken to sustainability challenges, and looked at how coaching can catalyse cultural change, innovation, and ultimately contribute to more evolved and successful organisations.

Following this report, we have had articles published in Sustain magazine (Issue 6, Vol. 09)‏, The OCM’s Coach and Mentor Journal (Issue 9, Spring ’09)‏ and The Bulletin of the Association for Coaching (Issue 17, Jan ’09). An article has been submitted to Coaching Psychologist, and a book will be released later this year: “The Sustainability Kite Model – Excelling in Changing Weather”.

Neela and I were also invited to facilitate the sustainability stream of the International Coach Federations conference on ‘Making a Difference’ and have subsequently been invited to apply this work within a number of large organisations. I also recently presented at the Catalyst Executive Coaching Summit 2009 in Sydney, Australia.

You can download the Executive Summary of the report here sustainability-inside-out_executive-summary.

Ten further expanded case studies from the report are available on request, as is the report itself.

Related tools I am trained in using include the Leadership Development Framework, and Unfolding Cards. I also use and highly recommend weCreate as one of the leading edge tools for learning and developing.

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