Growing innovative social and creative enterprises through coaching

After collaborating with LearningHouse on other projects, I was invited to design and deliver the Innovation Garden programme in collaboration with Dawn Fleming. I lead on specific sessions around project planning, connecting to the source of inspiration and creativity (Theory U), and coached three entrepreneurs through their leadership and business challenges.

Over the course of six months the entrepreneurs gained a wealth of tools and skills, as well as having real leadership and teamwork challenges in which to apply them. As well as receiving positive evaluations, and the reward of seeing these young businesses grow, I have been deeply inspired by the individuals involved.

The entrepreneur I worked with included:

Kirsten’s Eco-Conceirge

Amisha’s Elegant and Rebellious Jewellery

Judith’s Fil Rouge Press

Innovation Garden is a six month programme of business and leadership development for early-stage entrepreneurs. It delivers business outcomes regular training sessions, coaching, team project work, and one-day learning journeys.

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