Fresh perspectives for sustainability leaders and social entrepreneurs

Having worked with individuals and groups on sustainability strategies, I was frequently surprised by my and their limited capacity to systematically generate truly original and inspired ideas and visions. Knowing of several systematic ways to take different perspectives, such as Integral, ‘Ecological Selves‘ (Spiral Dynamics), Thinking Hats, and Team Roles, I wanted a quick and easy way to share these with peers for whom I knew they would be useful. A colleague, Dawn accepted my invitation to create some fast, theatrical, experiential workshops to introduce these tools.

The first open, two and a half hour workshops attracted 35 people from leading NGOs, corporations and consultancies in addition to social entrepreneurs. Subsequently we ran the event of The Hub, as part of a leadership event for Chevron, and as a one day event with over fifty Masters students and staff from Blekinge Institute of Technology’s Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability Program.

We invited participants to evaluate their energy levels and engagement live during all the workshops, and followed up one month later to gauge how much learning was actually being applied. The feedback has inspired us to continue to extend and evolve these workshops for new audiences.

Dawn Fleming is a unique social enterprise consultant, theatre and circus director and coach. I worked with her through Eastside Consulting, LearningHouse and Arising!

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