For Blue: growing opportunities in the Indian Ocean

Human’s understanding, appreciation and use of our oceans increasing. But at the same time as global indicators show a decline in ocean health with irreversible changes already occurring. The intersection of increasing demand and decreasing capacity means ‘now’ is a time of growing demand for beneficial ocean innovations.

Western Australian actors are uniquely positioned to contribute to and capitalise on this moment. Recognising this, We Are Arising has invested in a scoping study with the intention of:

Discerning and describing opportunities for Western Australian institutions and innovations to beneficially contribute to the health of the Indian Ocean and its dependent human populations.

The focus of the study is on identifying opportunities for WA institutions, industries and innovations at the intersection of:
  • trends in economic, ecological and social conditions, e.g. ocean acidification, more multipolar politics, weakening currents,
  • emerging domains and disciplines, e.g. ecological forecasting, remote intelligence, circular economies,
  • WA’s existing or potential capabilities, e.g. shipbuilding facilities, marine science communities, and high-growth companies.
The results will be of most interest to audiences who are:
  • willing to act on opportunities,
  • looking globally from WA, and
  • are thinking holistically, strategically, over decadal timeframes.

Commonly those with such perspectives are commercialisation teams at universities, talented undergraduates looking for areas to focus their careers, entrepreneurs looking for new markets, governments facilitating new industries and clusters and impact investors seeking to generated returns and social benefit.

The objectives of this initial phase include to:
  1. Accurately discern the intersection of trends, domains and capabilities,
  2. Distill the most relevant, significant, and important oceans-related opportunities,
  3. Found collaborative ventures to realise the potential of selected opportunities,
  4. Inform what WA institutions may do further e.g. research, industry development. 

The initial scoping study and nine propositions will be published in August 2019.

Outputs will include a short report, several presentations for specific audiences, short publications sharing highlights and insights, and a databases of relevant publications, institutions and trends.


For more information, visit For Blue where you will be able to access insights, updates and contribute to progressing innovation for the benefit of WA and the Indian Ocean.

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