Developing and Implementing a Strategy for Bioregional Sustainability

I was hired by NACC to develop and implement a strategy for sustainable use of the region’s natural resources, focusing on coastal, marine and riparian areas. The scope was the broadest possible and required partnership-building with communities, business, and three tiers of government.

As part of a regional strategy team, I completed a desk-based and on-ground audit of natural assets, and prioritised the threats and opportunities for more sustainable development. This research provided the quantitative and qualitative content for a comprehensive stakeholder engagement programme that we designed and delivered. I lead on presenting of the audit information and facilitating an eventful engagement process to ensure that stakeholders were involved in prioritising areas for cooperative action and investment. Outputs included a bioregional sustainability strategy, and approximately $500,000 worth of newly-developed practical projects (for the coastal area, alone) already funded by the time the strategy was printed.

Beyond my brief, I took the lead on strengthening three areas of work in the region:

1)    Developing clear frameworks for relating and communicating management targets across the assets and spatial/temporal scales to different audiences.

2)    Creating usable frameworks for monitoring and evaluating the outputs and outcomes of actions in a way that was aligned with state and national targets.

3)    Increasing the capability and networks of local officers to contribute to development and implementation of the strategy through a ‘network action plan’.

In parallel to this strategy work, I was also the support officer for all the local community groups, providing expertise in coastal processes, plan selection and propagation and running a successful community group.

NACC is a non-profit organisation leading the management of 7.5 million hectares of land and sea in Western Australia in partnership with local communities and the three tiers of government.

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