Designing the shift to low-carbon cultures in large organisations

Within the existing Carbon Considerations team were experienced leadership and sustainability practitioners. And, they needed some strategic advice on carbon, and expertise to creating a world-class behavioural change programme. This service was a ‘must-win’ battle for Future Considerations, and they needed a comprehensive, world-class programme developed quickly, to support sales efforts.

My work was in three areas:

  • Developing frameworks to integrate client’s quantitative and qualitative audit information.
  • Designing experiential learning, peer-coaching and other tools for behavioural change.
  • Project managing the team’s work, as my skill in this area became clear to others.

The outputs of this work that I lead included:

  • Framing logic, principles and evaluation methodologies for delivery of the service.
  • Detailed (to the minute) facilitator’s guide for delivery of a one-day engagement event.
  • Manual for participants, including science and policy context.
  • Training consultants on behavioural change methods for audiences with different value.
  • Revised method for calculating participant’s footprints, and prioritising team actions.

Delivery in all these areas was acknowledged to be well beyond the brief in both scope and quality. My comprehension of the scientific underpinnings, behavioural change, and ability to project manage were recognised as critical to successful delivery of the pilot event.

Carbon Considerations is a service of Future Considerations that helps organisations lower emissions through staff behaviour change, and stimulating low carbon cultures.

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