Haringey Arts! HA!

Haringey Arts! (HA!)

Haringey Arts! is an organisation run by creative people for creative people.

We are a network of artists living and working in Haringey: financially one of the poorest boroughs in London – and culturally one of the richest. Haringey is one of the most ethnically diverse places on earth. As a plethora of artists and other creative businesses move into disused and run down industrial spaces in the borough HA! facilitates networking through skill share schemes and art happenings. As part of an ongoing process HA!’s conspirators continue to unearth creative practitioners already based within our local area.

Our CIC delivers business support in a unique and innovative way. Rather than shipping in ready-made business support seminars – we are asking local creatives to deliver their own seminars and practical through a completely demand-led, artist-run scheme that is developing organically. By funneling various funding streams together we not only offer free peer to peer business support but also a regular income to the artists who deliver the seminars.

We encourage artists of all disciplines to participate in our art-happenings both locally and globally. We are particularly interested in recycling disused spaces.

We represent our artists in small and large events, markets, festivals, exhibitions, and happenings. We believe strongly in the importance of community, generosity and shared experience.

HA! is seeking funding to create a nomadic platform for artists to temporarily annex conventional and unconventional arena’s and turn them into vibrant spaces for creation and experimentation. We are also seeking funds in order to secure permanent premises in Haringey borough in a 1920’s ballroom currently being used as a snooker hall.

As an umbrella organisation we represent a very broad spectrum of sole trading creative practitioners and organisations – helping them to enhance their practice in myriad ways.

As well as delivering support to the meticulous crafts people who have spent a lifetime honing a skill we also support and validate equally an innocent, aspirational, playful interface with the arts and encourage all people to be inspired and discover within themselves new modes of expression that could be the seed of the radical lifestyle changes essential to humankind in the current socio-political-environmental climate.

tryhardtobekind@gmail.com – 07946457908

Links to some of the individuals and organisations involved in Haringey Arts!:



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