Workshops, expert advice and art installation on NEEDS at SHINE May 9-11th

The series of events below will explore the practice and concepts of being an entrepreneur who meets the NEEDs of their communities, colleagues and selves.

It is being hosted by Arising and draws together contributions from:
New Economics Foundation and Biz Fizz
Haringey Arts!
Blekinge Institute of Technology (Sweden) and more…

Every successful social entrepreneur has a business that provides a more sustainable, healthy and satisfying way for individuals and communities to meet their basic needs. Some are very conscious of how they create their social innovation, while others stumbled upon their solution. We are inviting all aspiring and current social entrepreneurs to explore the TEN fundamental needs so they can be even smarter about creating sustainable businesses that satisfy needs, and more effective in their marketing of their products and services…We believe that concepts such as NEEDS can, in themselves, catalyse social change as people are able to re-frame their own situation or context in a way that enables more positive social action.

Some of the guiding questions for the installation and sessions include:

  • Which are our fundamental NEEDS?
  • How can we satisfy NEEDS without undermining the health of our one planet, or our social networks?
  • What role can you, a social entrepreneur, play in creating a future where everyone’s NEEDS are met?

“Which poverty will you make history?”

An atmospheric interactive art installation set in 2050, looking back at how we satisfied the unmet needs of 2008. This is a though-provoking environment gives you the chance to imagine what unmet need you will creatively satisfy. And, you will walk away with a practical planning tool for use in your community and business. Hosted by Haringey Arts, Arising,, Amber, Luke and Jason.

Location and Time: ‘Peace and Quiet’, over all three days

“Transformation towards sustainable consumption”

Anthony Kleanthous from WWF will share some of his latest thinking about creative ways to design, market and sell products and services that are: equitable in production, distribution and use, respect ecological limits, and maximise well-being.

Location and Time: ‘Peace and Quiet’, 14:00-15:00 on Friday 9th May

“Biz Fizz for aspiring entrepreneurs”

Natalia and Celia from NEF and Biz Fizz will lead an interactive session of responding to real entrepreneurs challenges: In every community there are people who want to do things, who have a passion – based on an idea, a skill, or a hobby – that they could turn into a business. All they need is a little help, someone to break down the barriers to success. This is Biz Fizz! This is for you!

Location and Time: ‘Peace and Quiet’, 15:30-16:30 on Friday 9th May

BELONGING and IDENTITY through entrepreneurship

Rick from IPPR will lead a session that:
– provides insight into the local and national trends that are behind social change
– shows how creating identity and belonging is both a driver and opportunity for entrepreneurs
– paints a bigger picture of the the context in which social entrepreneurs are working

Location and Time: ‘Peace and Quiet’, 16:30-17:30 on Friday 9th May

Designed with a purpose: How to ‘hardwire’ social sustainability

Amber and Luke from BTH, Sweden will guide you through the buzzwords around social sustainability, and how it relates to your business or project. They will also introduce a framework to help you structure actions, decision-making and interactions between people in your community or organisation.

Location and Time: ‘Lobby’, 14:00 on Saturday 10th May

Hot and Bothered? How climate change and social unrest impact entrepreneurs

Amber and Luke from BTH, Sweden will host a dialogue that highlights the synergies between actions addressing social conflicts and environmental dilemmas. Come and explore how the roots of many social
issues can be traced to environmental disputes (scarcities, etc) and how much of the environmental unrest has been caused through social practices!

Location and Time: ‘Lobby’, 12:00 on Sunday 11th May

We hope these installations and sessions at SHINE will satisfy at least 8 of your ten fundamental needs!

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