Areas of work

We deliver our services in three areas of work:

Developing collective intelligence

In times of rapid change, complexity and increasing connectedness, no one person or organisation can know everything. Yet, to take strategic steps towards goals we must understand the context in which we are acting, and engage with others who are also acting. The challenge is how to engage community, stakeholders, staff, or even just other people in a room. The opportunity is to work smarter, with more focus, and with the support of others.

Growing social business and entrepreneurs

There are serious social challenges, and serious opportunities emerging locally and globally. This context provides many opportunities for entrepreneurs, but only if they act strategically with their limited resources. They need to know what matters, and the get things done! Similarly, enterprises and non-profits are learning from each other’s ways of organising with the hybrid models of social enterprise, entrepreneurship and social business all showing how we can do good in a way that is ecologically, socially and financially sustainable.

Learning through action, inquiry and feedback

The future will belong to those who can learn the best. Learning does not happen in a classroom, and not just when you are young. Organisations and individuals around the world are tapping into the power of real action-learning, conscious learning in the midst of action, and using new methods for evaluating progress towards well-designed goals.

Arising offers services to organisations and individuals who have need to understand and act on these emerging sustainability challenges and opportunities.