Incubator Support resources for applicants

Andrew Outhwaite

The official and full information is available online the Incubator Support website.

These resources are for convenience for applicants working with the WA Incubator Facilitator.

Incubator: has specific meaning that can include a broad range of activities that “that fosters innovative start-ups…”. Further details are in Appendix A of Programme guidelines.

Startup: has specific meaning: “innovative, adaptive, early-stage and scalable company, with global potential” and exclusions. Further details are in the FAQs.

Types of activities funded:

  1. Expert in Residence receiving between $6500 to $100,000 of Federal funding for up to 12 months of activities.
  2. New of Existing Incubator receiving between $26,000 and $500,000 of Federal funding for up to 24 months of activities.

Previous recipients: of funding are a good guide to types of activities supported. Download the list. Some more recent announcements may not be included in the spreadsheet.

Guidance and feedback: is provided differently depending on stage. Most feedback initial on ideas and pre-application projects is provided informally by the Incubator Facilitator. Drafts can be submitted for one round of formal feedback prior to final submission using the online form. Feedback for applicants is provided by the Program team along with notification of success.

Incubator Facilitators: view the profiles of the team who support potential applicants, through:

  • Guidance, feedback and support for potential applicants,
  • Facilitation and education to progress collaborative projects,
  • Introductions to relevant national and international experts, partners and resources,
  • Grow better incubators and ecosystem through monitoring and sharing learning.

Before starting an application:

  1. Contact the Incubator Facilitator - they will save you time and provide information that helps with a good incubator and application, 
  2. Review (at least) these informative summaries:
    1. the Incubator Support - Info Session Slides from Feb 2018,
    2. the application checklist,
    3. the video guides for applicants: video 1 and video 2.
  3. Review the sample application form in PDF or Word to understand the information required, and the Programme guidelines e.g. 'eligible and ineligible expenses'
  4. Request the acquittal templates as a guide to incubator success metrics.

Visual summary:

Unofficial summary of the program, requirements and useful resources:

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