Assistance from Incubator Facilitator

Andrew Outhwaite

This is a brief guide, based on historical precedents, of the most beneficial ways the WA Incubator Facilitator can be of assistance through in-person meetings and visits.

The majority of support is provided remotely via email, phone and webconference, but visits and meetings are essential at certain stages of incubator development.

View the profile of the WA Incubator Facilitator.

This guide should be read in conjunction with Incubator Resources. All activities are focused on increasing the number, scale and effectiveness of of startup incubators.

Often a visit to a region will have these sessions in combination and include participation in local events as a mentor, guest panellist or pitch judge.

Meetings to provide focused assistance - assistance from an independent expert.

  • Development - working with core team to consider structures, focus, model for incubator
  • Mentoring - feedback on a proposal and collaborating on solutions to issues

Facilitating development - aligning local partners, assets and making new connections. 

  • Starting - roadmap, considerations and direction for an incubator or ecosystem
  • Growing - options for growing the scope, scale and benefit of incubator services 

Informative presentations - introductions to incubators, startups and the ecosystem. 

  • Briefing - for key stakeholders on precedents, benefits, models and risks
  • Guide - introduction to the ecosystem, incubation and how to support startups

Examples of all these types of activities can be provided on request.

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