Current Projects

Below are the 3 main projects I am currently working on in Geraldton:

Growing Leadership in the Mid-West

This is an inquiry into ‘How and Where leadership is emerging in the Mid-West?‘. It’s a question that has come up for me, that I have talked with others about, and have decided to use technology and email to test the interest in a wider conversation on this topic. More here.

Regional Social Innovation

Through 2009 have been giving pro-bono support to some local  social entrepreneurs wanting to develop or grow their more-than-profit enterprises. This follows on from my work with entrepreneurs and social enterprises in the UK. Now  for 2010 I am focusing on generating wider conversations, networks, and perhaps creating a physical space for ‘social innovation’ to grow. This is soft-launching early 2010, and all are welcome to join the conversations. The website and links to forums are here

Coaching and Sustainability

After completing the research, my writing and practice in this area continues on a number of fronts. Most obviously is through my work at City of Geraldton-Greenough, but I am also taking a wider view of how I can work to ‘coach’ teams and communities beyond sustainability. This will include using tools such as Unfolding Cards and weCreate in addition to Integral, Leadership Development Framework, carbon clubs and all the other variations documented in ‘Sustainability Inside-Out’.

Other activities, but that are not We Are Arising projects include:

The Natural Step Australia

I am the Treasurer of The Natural Step Australia and will be working to ensure we take a leading role in the Australian movement towards sustainability. We will be delivering workshops, training and building networks and capacity in Australia.You can learn more about The Natural Step Australia here:


I plan to deliver a 5 week introduction to Evolutionary Enlightenment in the next year as my contribution to more Spirited dialogues in Geraldton.