Our work is enabling groups of people to make better choices*. We achieve this through three primary activities:        

  1. Advising: consulting, research and review for strategies, business models, and partnerships.
  2. Designing: planning, management and facilitation for cultural and behavioural change, ecological regeneration, urban design, community empowerment and team-based learning and development.
  3. Enabling: Coaching, training, and piloting of initiatives that enable individuals to have confidence, teams to collaborate, organisations to innovate and communities to become more cooperative and sustainable.

* ‘Better’ is self-defined improvement for the individual, team, organisation, community, planet and future generations

We’ve created long-lasting legacies through ten years of local and international work, including:

  • Innovative business models for re-using carpet through Corporate-NGO partnerships in Sweden,
  • More effective biodiversity conservation policy and planning in Geraldton,
  • More sustainable, creative corporations through change programmes, coaching and training,
  • Sustainable enterprises through peer coaching programmes for social entrepreneurs in London,
  • Confident leaders through learning journeys in the UK and Australia,
  • Reduced homelessness through a national social enterprise competition in the UK.

The qualities we embody through all our work include:

  • Sensitivity: we listen to our clients, the context, and pay attention to details,
  • Integrity: we do what we say we will, and hold ourselves to standards beyond client expectations,
  • Clarity: we ensure our clients and we are clear about purpose, outcomes, and our relationship.

The things people say about us include:

” …Committed, highly knowledgeable highly skilled and always, always learning and connecting. An inspiration to work with and hope to do so again soon (despite half a world of distance between us now!)” — Andres Roberts, Barclays

” … Deeply impressed with their work on sustainable business model innovation, and would recommend his advice to any business leader or entrepreneur wishing to go beyond just minimising negative impacts.” — Thomas Krick, AccountAbility

“…Brought a real expertise in the area of climate change and organisational change and his commitment and drive ensured that the project was completed to a high degree of quality within a short timeframe.” — James Shaw, Carbon Considerations

If you find these services are aligned with your needs, please contact us. And visit our projects and partners pages to learn more about what who we work with, what we have done, and are doing.