Past Projects

These cases demonstrate the quality, creativity and innovation that characterise my work. I’ve worked across a number of sectors and with a range of sizes of organisations. This mix helps keep me flexible, grounded, inspired and in-touch with trends and opportunities.

These cases are ordered roughly chronologically.

Hållbarhet2009 – MSLS Alumni gathering

I took a lead role in creating, organising and facilitating sections of the first gathering for all the alumni from the MSLS programme in Sweden. This event took place in Australia in February 2009, involving 30 participants from around the world traveling by bus to visit sites and people of signficiance in Sydney, Canberra, Thredbo, Melbourne. You can read more about who we spoke with, the events we organised, and the outcomes here and read an article published subsequently on the Worldchanging blog here.

Low-carbon travel from the UK to Australia

This was a major project! Planning and organising tens of thousands of kilometres of travel from the UK to Australia by rail, bus, scooter, donkey, foot, sea and…unfortunately two aeroplanes. The trip contributed to a 66% reduction in my combined personal and professional carbon footprint compared to the previous year. This trip was very thoroughly documented More….

Investigating the role of coaching in sustainability

I worked with Article13 to research and write a report on the role of coaching in integrating sustainability and catalysing innovation within large organisations. More….

Can social innovation competitions move beyond hype to deliver change?

Based on our experience in designing and running two social enterpise competitions, Richard Litchfield (Director of Eastside) and I wrote a short piece on the potential for these types of intervention to deliver real change. More…

Visual Business Model Design and Innovation – for social good

I love visual facilitation methodologies, design thinking, frameworks, models and prototyping. So when finding Alex Osterwalder had created a tool for business model design, I knew I had to a) apply and adapt it for social and sustainable business and b) get him over to London for a workshop. More…

Fresh perspectives for sustainability leaders and social entrepreneurs

Perhaps even more fundamental a challenge than global sustainability itself, is facilitating global creativity and flexbility in perspectives. Dawn and I create and ran a number of workshops that aimed to fix that problem! More…

Insight experiences for leadership and social enterprise development.

Facilitating four of these three day learning journeys that brought together teams from corporates with homelessness social enterprises for mutual benefit was fascinating, challenging, and very rewarding. More…

Growing innovative social and creative enterprises through coaching

Following other successful collaborations, I worked with LearningHouse and Dawn Fleming to deliver training, coaching and facilitation support to six creative and ethical entrepreneurs over a six month period. More…

Designing programs to grow social business to prevent homelessness

After leading in the design and delivery of Equal-Invest I lead on design of Spark for 2008 and contributed to the evaluation design for Spark 2009. More…

Sustainability, Art and Entrepreneurhsip at SHINE Unconference

At the first SHINE Unconference, I co-created an installation that engaged visitors in understanding en fundamental human needs. I also hosted several workshops with partner organisations who do work in related areas. More…

Designing the shift to low carbon cultures in large organisations

Future Considerations invited me to co-design and new programme based on the identified need for a service that dealt with the cultural, not just technical, barriers and opportunities for minimising climate impact of large organisations. More….

Strategy and Business Planning for leading Social Enterprises

Being invited by Eastside Consulting to facilitate their business planning process was an  absolute honour!  I  was engaged by Richard Litchfield (Managing Director) to design the process, facilitate dialogue sessions, manage delivery of components of the plan, and writing and edit parts of the business plan. The outcomes I contributed to include increased focus for the business, and a clear strategy for rapid growth.

Taking social enterprises to the next level through mentoring

Through my role at Eastside, I took the lead on recruiting and matching voluntary mentors from the private sector, facilitating the training and action learning of mentors and enterprises, and designing the detail of the events for enterprises to pitch for investment. More…

Human and Financial Investment into Social Enterprise

In response to a clear demand from social enterprise for low-cost, quality support, and young professionals for opportunities in the third sector, I worked with Eastside to develop an ‘Academy’ service. This service built on the success of Eastside’s own internship programme, and has now evolved in multiple directions – leadership development for corporates, social enterprise competitions and support programmes, a Foundation, and continuation of the intern programme.

Rolling out a new business model for recycling and reuse

Along with Richard Blume and Miriam Karell I worked to ensure our Masters dissertation was based on real experience (action-learning). This meant partnering with Interface to extend their network of European ReEntry partners into Scandinavia. More…

Developing and Implementing a Strategy for Bioregional Sustainability

I was hired to develop and implement a strategy for sustainable use of the region’s natural resources, focusing on coastal and marine areas. The scope was the broadest possible and required partnership-building with communities, business, and three tiers of government. More…