We Are Arising

The name reflects the ethos:
- being an ally for leaders,
- growing social innovations,
- working in community,
- expanding benefits systemically,
- so humanity is always arising.

Our Values and Value

What I value is your trust, confidence and purpose.

So my values in practice are: presence, courage and goodness.

The value our work together may generate includes:

Perceptive Insights

Expansive Networks

Actualised Visions

Enduring Benefits

Managing director

Andrew Outhwaite

Andrew has fifteen years of professional experience contributing to the development and growth of social innovations.

Ventures he has co-founded or lead have addressed homelessness (e.g. Spark Challenge), science and sustainability (e.g. Hallbarhet, The Natural Step Australia, Goodness Festival), healthy regional communities (e.g. Pollinators Inc, Meshpoints), cultural transformation (e.g. Coaching for Sustainability) and innovation (e.g. StartupWA, State Innovation Strategy).

The success of those ventures has been evident through: their widespread adoption and replication, through peer or government recognition such as awards (e.g. Regional Innovation Leadership), scholarships (e.g. US International Visitors Leadership Program) and through invitations to present at national conferences (e.g. Social Traders, SEGRA, CEDA).

Andrew currently contributes to international, intentional communities of practice (e.g. For Blue, Cheng Hsin, and Apithology) is investing in an innovative new housing model (Baugruppen) and otherwise enjoys solving hard rock climbing 'problems', and being in or on the ocean. 
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