My name is Andrew Outhwaite and I use We Are Arising as a vehicle for offering specialist services.

You can contact me via email, on Twitter or on (+61) 0466 694 702

This site is to share learning and insights relevant to my professional work.

My work is focused on enabling human communities to innovate and learn, collectively. Rather than individual learning in response to specific problems (e.g. government staff learning about risk management after a natural disaster), I facilitate and invest in initiatives that create multiple benefits (e.g. a state-wide network of organisations nurturing local innovations).

My unique skills are in facilitating formation of projects and ventures that align: personal motivations, individual organisational missions, whole-of-community aspirations, and global needs and opportunities. My aspiration is to develop this field, advancing the theory and practise of collective learning in service of humanity.

Over the last two decades I’ve developed the foundational skills and experience through leading creation of new ventures, developing strategy for others, and through my own academic study and professional learning.

My role is as a facilitator in most contexts, though that doesn’t mean I’m not invested in the process and outcomes e.g. growing Pollinators and now Meshpoints is part of a decade-long commitment to living in and learning with regional communities.

This statement of invitation summarises the relationships I develop with collaborators:

“Standing shoulder-to-shoulder, gazing across the ocean to what lies beyond our horizons. Feeling the tensions of the conditions, and our intention to enable the health of future generations. Committing as a vessel, building as we are sailing. Finding everything we need is already always available.”

Current additional roles include:

  • Lead Facilitator at Meshpoints
  • Chairperson of StartupWA (voluntary)

Past roles were:

  • In Geraldton co-founding and growing a nationally significant social enterprise, as well as other roles with a school, bank and local government.
  • In the UK facilitating social enterprise solutions to homelessness,
  • In Europe as a corporate sustainability consultant and researcher,
  • In Australia as an environmental and sustainability strategy facilitator and

Qualifications include:

  • Masters in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability,
  • Honours in Marine Science, and
  • Professional accreditations in Leadership Development, Governance, Social Return on Investment, and Facilitation.