Innovations from Regional WA (Beta)

There is a history of great innovations and ventures coming out of regional Western Australia. These great stories are known to some, but not enough.

We’ve compiled a (beta) snapshot database and map of some of the best innovations from WA’s regions in the last 5 years*.

You can view the database below and click where indicated to: expand the view, filter and sort the records. For most records we’ve included a brief description of the venture, highlights and links to their websites and social media.

We hope this is a useful resources for media, policymakers, incubators, investors and others wanting to learning about, support or share stories of innovation from regional WA. It may also be useful to find mentors who have started ventures in regions.

This is primarily focused on scaleable innovations based on unique IP and that have reach international markets e.g. products, services, technology, social innovations. Innovative value-added food products have also been included.

You can instantly add YOUR suggestions to the database using the webform.

We also welcome feedback, additional sources or listings and corrections to help us move beyond the beta version. The interactive map may be made publicly available in future.

Email the Incubator Facilitator with feedback.

* Innovations were identified through searches of the following sources:

  • State Government (JTSI) Innovation Showcases
  • State Government (JTSI) Innovator of the Year Finalists
  • State Government Department of Agriculture Award Grant Recipients
  • Federal government (DIIS) Accelerating Commercialisation Grant Recipients
  • WAIITA Incite Awards finalists
  • WA Regional Achievement Awards
  • Regional Development Commission Websites

You can instantly add YOUR suggestions to the database using the webform.

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