Professional facilitator, mentor with Meshpoints growing regional innovation, social entrepreneur and co-founder of Pollinators, advocacy through StartupWA chair and enabler of innovations through the appropriate ethical foundations.


We Are Arising services are focused on growing:

  1. Sustainable social enterprises;
  2. Entrepreneurial economic ‘ecosystems’;
  3. Resilient regional communities.

Below are details of the Expertise, Audiences, Offerings and Formats.


Activate empty spaces and bring innovation and entrepreneurship to your main street. We facilitate activation and creation of sustainable ventures and programs for increasing visitation, use and economic benefits of private and public spaces. Case study: CityHive, CreativeHub and Laneways activation.


Grow communities that go beyond ‘networks, and becoming thriving sources peer-to-peer support, social change programs and new ventures. We have years of experience in the culture, systems and interventions necessary to grow functional, effective, friendly communities. Case study: Pollinators Inc


The difference that makes a difference to individual ventures and whole regions is their capacity to learn. We facilitate learning at the individual, group and community-scale to assist in overcoming common challenges and seizing unique opportunities. Case studies: Pollinators Accelerator Programs, Spark Challenge for Social Enterprise


We are ‘doers’ ourselves, founding social enterprises, operating coworking spaces and running start up programs. We can offer our services that empower and increase the effectiveness of innovators and entrepreneurs working outside bureaucracy, inside networks or those straddling the boundaries Case Study: Pollinators Catalyst Program


Create more effective programs by learning from other regions. We have written business cases for coworking and innovation programs, sustainability policies and funding assessment frameworks – multiple interventions to grow innovation and entrepreneurship.Case Study: Review of Karratha Incubator Business Case


Get ahead and in front of the whole ‘innovation’ agenda. We’ve reviewed and provided advice on: local, regional, state, national and international policies, trends and funding programs. We are a credible source and creators of what’s happening, it’s merits and benefits.Case Study: StartupWA Reports and Advocacy.

OFFERINGS – what do you want?


Learn from years of hard work, expense and risk without having to do it yourself. We can share insights into the influence of global, national and state trends on innovation in regional WA, the nitty-gritty of facilitating collaboration between enterprises or creating spaces that grow innovation.

Case study: CEDA Presentations.


Get the best bits from multiple contexts, rather than picking a single idea and applying it out of context. We can design appropriate interventions for learning programs to catalyse venture growth to policy changes that enable activation of empty spaces in your main street.

Case study: Mid West Innovation Agenda


Experience innovation and enterprise development first-hand. We facilitate one-off sessions on business model innovation, multi-month or year programs of region-wide support and cross-sector collaboration on major social and economic challenges.

Case study: Digital Enterprise Training.

FORMATS how do you want it?


We can do in-person or webcast presentations, workshops and on-site ‘learning journeys’. Topics include: business model innovation, innovation ecosystem map and gap assessments, startup support, training for staff in coworking spaces on policies and platforms to grow their community.

Case study: Regional Development Trust briefings.


Ask a question and get a comprehensive answer that’s appropriate for your context. We provide advice on startup support, innovation polices, entrepreneurship programs, business cases and models, and cross-sector collaboration.

Case study: Briefing notes for Ministers on regional Innovation.


We can de-risk creation of coworking spaces, accelerator programs, training sessions and innovation networks in your region. Leveraging our existing networks, systems and content we can the right mix of local leadership and capacity, supported by a statewide network of intelligent support and advice.

Case Study: Pilbara Incubator.

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