Growing good, easily

Serving the leaders of scalable social ventures, beneficially.

The benefits of this serving being:
> leaders navigate unfamiliar territory confidently,
> teams collaborate happily and effectively,
> ventures success expands systemically, and
> communities grow healthily, naturally.
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Managing director

Andrew Outhwaite

I work with select social entrepreneurs and leaders in Australia and Asia. I value my clients; and colleagues' trust, confidence and shared sense of purpose. In each and every engagement I bring, with presence and courage, fifteen years of personal experience in growing social innovations.

With qualifications in leadership development, marine science, sustainability, facilitation and leadership development, I can contribute expertise, insights and facilitate growth in a very broad range of contexts. 

I can also be an effective ally for social entrepreneurs and their ventures because of my experience with their types of communities and stakeholders: previous clients across Europe, Australia and Asia have included National and State governments, local councils, multinationals, innovation accelerators, banks, schools, farmer's markets and clubs.
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What I value is your trust, confidence and and commitment to your purpose.

My values in practice are: presence, courage and goodness.

The value our work together may generate includes:

Perceptive Insights

Expansive Networks

Actualised Visions

Enduring Benefits

Client Reviews

You targeted focused help has already made the world of difference. The support you've given will continue to pay dividends - both in terms of our ability to better attract funding, and our in house enhanced professional capacity - that will benefit our project, our bay and the world, a long time into the future.

Fiona West

"We appreciated teh insights from having a strategy / model sounding board. Having an outsider's perspective on our organisation drew attention to particular issues/challenges and a more 'scientific' approach to addressing them e.g. using hypothesis testing.

Grant Oldfield

"By discussing concepts I understand in other contexts, use intuitively or on an ad hoc basis, in a precise way relevant to my current work, I saved a heap of time, worry and working out from first principles. I can now just get on with it, with a view to larger partnerships, knowing they are, actually possible, even with the word 'yoga' in the title!

Rachael West

I appreciated the insights into segmentation of roles, understanding my strengths, developing the confidence and a plan for delegating and doing things differently. Thank you or shining a different perspective on how-to-run a sustainable business.

Katarina Smelikova 

"When forming any course of action we frequently forget  that humans have an natural resistance to change no matter how beneficial or logical it may seem. Andrew has a unique ability to reflect on the “human condition” , focus on the drivers that motivate people to act and linking both to solutions. I would recommend his services for any planning / engagement process to help maximise your outcomes."

Mark Canny

"I gained some deep insights from participating in the Leadership Development Profile debrief process with Andrew that are going to have a profound impact on my development as a leader. Whilst I was able to read through my LDP report independently, through dialogue with Andrew I was able to see some radically new perspectives that I'd never previously considered.

Karen Wellington

"Andrew was on a design team developing training and organisational culture programmes for companies that want to reduce carbon emissions and energy use through behaviour change. He brought a real expertise in the area of climate change and organisational change and his commitment and drive ensured that the project was completed to a high degree of quality within a short timeframe."

James Shaw

"I appreciated gaining new insights into my unconscious motivators. It was also a powerful reminder to not just focus on 'fixing' my shadow behaviours but to also grow my best self! Thanks so much for the demo of PRINT and the debrief - it will be a great tool to use with our accelerator cohort in 2020"

Tash Ayers


A free initial call is the best step to gain immediate clarity about your purpose for engaging, our fit, and the best next action. During and after that call full details of all relevant services can be provided.

Book a Free Initial Call


An initial call or webconference allows us to explore your situation, aspirations, challenges and most important immediate needs. This diagnosis then makes it obvious if my approach and services are fitting.

I request some basic information through a short webform prior, so we can make the most of the time available.

For some people and organisations, this free call, notes and references completely satisfy their needs. For others it leads to further engagement.


Leaders' development is best served by focusing on what is important, and urgent. I work with clients in two ways: one-off and over an extended period.

1) Diagnosis to Debrief:
- A one-off session to deal with a specific challenge or opportunity,
- Use of world-class tools and modalities to generate deep insights,
- Move from diagnosis to decisions and action to get what you need, immediately,
- Ten days free follow-up support.

2) Developmental Inquiry:
- Focused coaching to achieve a defined purpose or set of objectives,
- Six sessions over ten weeks,
- Commitment to your development and shifting significant patterns,
- Included use of developmental tools and debriefs,
- Unlimited, on-call support and resources.


I work with groups including: teams from a single organisation, cohorts in accelerator and leadership development programs, and with open groups or participants from multiple organisations.

Two powerful training modalities are:

1) Seminars and masterclasses:
- Leadership development
- Scaling social innovations
- High-performing teams
- Growing communities and ecosystems
- Consciousness and communication

2) Training squads:
- regular group training sessions boost team performance
- over a five to ten week period
- mixing personally customised programming and learning in a community. 
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