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Curated suggestions for those facilitating startup incubation 2019 planning or summer reading. Make a cup of tea and enjoy perusing. Let us know what you appreciate or make your own suggestions in the comments or by email: Reading If you missed any of the 14 editions of the incubation facilitation newsletter you can readRead more

Local governments, corporates and SMEs can embrace and enable innovation for transformational benefits. And, venturing into the world of startups, unicorns, incubators and angels can be risky and expensive. There is an abundance of information and people about the technologies and trends with implications for industries and organisations, but little about how to effectively relateRead more

Startup Muster’s annual report is very useful within its scope and as one perspective on the strengths, challenges and size of the startup ecosystem. And for me this year the the associated communications, assumptions and commentary were very interesting. They provoked some thinking about what could be better enabling of more effective reporting and advocacyRead more

This is an fantastic paper from one of the world’s most prestigious economic research institutes: The Centre for Economic Performance. One of three very useful conclusions for those running or supporting incubators is: “there is fairly clear evidence incubators and accelerators work overall – for survival, employment growth and receiving external finance”. But rather thanRead more

This blog was first appeared on Medium courtesy of Impact Seed. What is a good incubator? A result (and cause) of an increasing number of startups, is an increasing number of incubators. A decade ago there were just a handful, StartupWA counted twelve in 2015, and in 2018 there are nearly sixty existing or emergingRead more

Superficially, and perhaps appropriately given the metaphor, new and existing incubators can be subject to the ‘chicken and egg’ dynamic: how to evidence demand from startups when the desire for an incubator by the initiator is driven (in part) by the lack of them? Actually, this question addresses the critical success factor for incubators, especiallyRead more

Western Australia has great history of inventions, innovations and ventures growing from its regions. While fantastic, most of this history and stories are not widely known. More than just ‘nice’ to know, understanding the history and type of innovations can be critical information for new or existing incubators, local ventures seeking mentors, media, investors, andRead more

Twenty one percent of WA’s population and more than ninety percent of export value come from the regions with much of that concentrated in a dozen regional centres of populations less than forty thousand. As a results innovation in the regions is different to metropolitan areas: less density, closer to industry, different skillsets, lots ofRead more

Partners for Incubators For many incubators, partnerships can leverage significant additional resources and services for the benefit of ventures. Successful hubs in ecosystems often build a density of connections that gives them an almost gravitational pull, attracting ventures, talent, capital and other resources. For the partners, incubators can be attractive as a source of ventures,Read more

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