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We Are Arising Pty Ltd serves the leaders of scalable social ventures.
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The value our work together may generate includes:

Perceptive Insights

We help leaders navigate unfamiliar territory confidently,

Expansive Networks

We help your teams collaborate happily and effectively.

Actualised Visions

We help your ventures success expand systemically.

Enduring Benefits

We help communities grow healthily, naturally.


A free initial call is the best step to gain immediate clarity about your purpose for engaging, our fit, and the best next action. During and after that call full details of all relevant services can be provided.

Book a Free Initial Call


An initial call or webconference allows us to explore your situation, aspirations, challenges and most important immediate needs. This diagnosis then makes it obvious if my approach and services are fitting.

I request some basic information through a short webform prior, so we can make the most of the time available.

For some people and organisations, this free call, notes and references completely satisfy their needs. For others it leads to further engagement.


Leaders' development is best served by focusing on what is important, and urgent. I work with clients in two ways: one-off and over an extended period.

1) Diagnosis to Debrief:
- A one-off session to deal with a specific challenge or opportunity,
- Use of world-class tools and modalities to generate deep insights,
- Move from diagnosis to decisions and action to get what you need, immediately,
- Ten days free follow-up support.

2) Developmental Inquiry:
- Focused coaching to achieve a defined purpose or set of objectives,
- Six sessions over ten weeks,
- Commitment to your development and shifting significant patterns,
- Included use of developmental tools and debriefs,
- Unlimited, on-call support and resources.


I work with groups including: teams from a single organisation, cohorts in accelerator and leadership development programs, and with open groups or participants from multiple organisations.

1) Seminars and masterclasses:
- Leadership development
- Scaling social innovations
- High-performing teams
- Growing communities and ecosystems
- Consciousness and communication

2) Training squads:
- Regular group training sessions boost team performance
- Mixing personally customised programming and learning in a community.

3) Scalable strategies:
- Systematic analysis of whole sectors or regions
- Community and stakeholder engagement
- Strategy development and implementation.
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