Best Medicare Supplement with Diabetes

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Diabetes is can be a life long disease that effects how your body uses insulin.  Type 1 diabetics don’t make enough insulin and type 2 diabetics don’t use the insulin well.  Type 2 is the more common and usually easier to qualify for a Medicare Supplement.  The type of diabetes you have won’t matter.  If you use insulin, the amount will probably make a difference.  Other conditions including heart conditions and neuropathy in combination with diabetes can effect your insurability too.

If you’re in your Medicare Part B or a guaranteed issue period, you don’t need to answer any health questions.  If you want to change supplements in the future, or if you have a supplement now and are looking for a lower rate, you’ll need to pass the health questions.


Choosing the right Medicare Supplement with Diabetes

Diabetes, one of most common health problems that seniors face can be a problem when you’re shopping for a new Medicare Supplement.  Every company has their own specific guidelines when it comes to diabetes.  We know which companies to look at, and which ones to stay away from.  There are several key questions you’ll need to answer before applying for a Medicare Supplement with Diabetes. It’s important to choose the best company if you have been diagnosed or treated for any type of diabetes. 

If you use insulin or you’re taking oral medications, there may be a limit on the number of certain medications.  There could be a limit on the number of medications you take for hypertension (high blood pressure) too to measure control as well as diabetic medications.

For example one group of companies may consider you for coverage if you meet the following criteria:

  • No more than 2 medications for diabetes or one type of insulin and one oral medication.
  • Under 3 medications for hypertension
  • No changes in medications for a minimum of 2 years

Other companies may accept you if you are not on insulin but there are some other factors that could effect your approval.  An example would be the Aetna umbrella of companies. You may be approved if meet the guidelines below.

  • No adjustment in diabetic medications for the last 12 months to control blood sugar
  • Clear of any history or treatment for heart attack or stroke
  • Free of peripheral vascular disease, neuropathy or a heart artery blockage

One company we work with will accept up to 50 units of insulin per day. They may even accept you if you had a heart attack or stroke more than 2 years ago.  They even don’t not ask about the combination of blood pressure and diabetic medications, but you still have to be able to pass the other guidelines.

Be prepared to answer the following questions to help us evaluate you

  • Do you use insulin and how much do you use on a daily basis?
  • Are you taking oral medications such as Metformin, Glyberide, Actos, Januvia or Glympizide?
  • Do you use the newer injectable medications like Trulicity or Victoza?
  • Were you diagnosed with diabetes less than two years ago?
  • Was your the most recent A1C over or under 7?
  • Have you recently started taking any new medications or adjusted in the past 24 months?
  • Does you have any other problems that are related or caused by Diabetes including neuropathy, retinopathy,  or glaucoma.  I
  • Do you have pain or numbness in your legs or feet and are taking Gabapentin , Neurontin or Lyrica?
  • Have you received any wound care in the last Last 24 months?
  • Are you being treated for any type of diminished kidney function including medications,  kidney dialysis or waiting for a kidney transplant?
  • Do you have a history of a stroke, TIA, peripheral vascular disease, heart rhythm disorders or heart disease
  • What is your height and weight?

All of the these things will play a part in determining which company should be used.  The goal is always to get you the best Medicare Supplement plan with the lowest rates and a highly rated company.

Why is it so important to pick the right company to use the first time?  If you have been declined by another company for a Medicare Supplement and you have diabetes, don’t hesitate to contact us! We know it can be frustrating wading through the maze of companies, but we’ll help guide you to the right one. Fill out the customized quote request or call us at (614) 402-5160.


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