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We Are Arising helps groups of people make better choices.

 We do this through advising, designing and enabling. What’s meant by ‘better’ and what’s needed by our clients is as diverse as they are. Individuals and organisations seek us out with a range of needs, all of which affect the quality of their choices:

  • Clarity about their own intentions and priorities, and how to translate that into effective and timely action for social end ecological benefit,
  • Insight into how to navigate or actually shift the dynamics (social, ecological, financial) inside their own organisations, their communities, and in the world around them,
  • Fresh perspectives and creative approaches to challenges, opportunities and ways of working,
  • Regular and ongoing support from a coach / mentor with an extensive toolkit of techniques and resources.

Through being sensitive to needs and context, seeking clarity, we find out what is needed. Then we act with integrity to do whatever is required to help with making those better choices. That help usually takes one of three forms:                              

1. Advising: consulting, research and review for strategies, business models, and partnerships.

2. Designing: planning, management and facilitation for cultural and behavioural change, ecological regeneration, urban design, community empowerment and team-based learning and development.

3. Enabling: Coaching, training, and piloting of initiatives that enable individuals to have confidence, teams to collaborate, organisations to innovate and communities to become more cooperative and sustainable.

In the past, that’s meant we’ve designed community engagement processes, facilitated business-ngo partnerships, coached leaders and entrepreneurs, piloted new business models, researched and published on new fields or work, and written strategies, policies and action plans for implementation.

We love working with groups of people make their own choices, and meet their own needs. Our clients say that genuine passion and commitment for our work contributes to the results always being appreciated by clients as being innovative, high-quality, excellent value for money and…better.

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